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J Music: Best I Ever Had (Drake Cover) – Priscilla Renea


J Reads: JoJo Readies Grown-Up New Album

Singer JoJo is getting back into the swing of making music. The 20-year-old, who made her name as a fresh-faced teenager back in 2004, recently dropped ‘Disaster,’ the first single off her forthcoming third album, ‘Jumping Trains.’

Showcasing a more grown-up side that fans may not be used to, JoJo sought to tackle the perils of a disastrous relationship.

“‘Disaster’ is basically about how sometimes you get so deep into a relationship, and it gets progressively horrifying and real disastrous,” she tells AOL Music. “Whether it be emotional abuse or another type of abuse, it’s like, ‘How did I end up in this storm?’ So it’s an emotional record, but it’s definitely resilient in the end.”

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J Music: “Talking to the Moon” (Bruno Mars Covers)

Loved both of these. Listen to the original here.


J Music: “Thinking About You” (Frank Ocean Cover) – Janay


J Music:  1+1 (Beyonce Cover) – Blair Perkins 

• He went ALL the way in. OMG. Incredible.


J Music: Love the Way You Lie I/II (Duet Cover) – Wes & Janay

This isn’t new, but I never actually posted it… so I thought I would. More music coming soon!


Ray Chew: The Man Behind the Music

Ray Chew: you may never see him, but he’s always there.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘American Idol’ Hires Ray Chew as New…


JMusic: Can’t Take That Away From Me – Jojo

Label drama may have impeded the release of JoJo’s new album, but nothing can stand between her and her fans. The 19-year-old songbird breaks her silence with her mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me. Soulful sounds and live instruments make up the 11-track set, with production from Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, Kenna, Neff-U, Oak, Beau Dozier, and Jordan Gatsby, who produced the first single “In the Dark.”

Can't Take That Away From Me | Jojo

Favorites: Boy Without A Heart, Just A Dream


J Music: Officially Missing You (Cover)