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J Reads: Diversity is Only Skin Deep

I’ve noticed a pattern in my classes. I walk into a lecture hall, find an empty seat in an empty row, sit and wait. Almost infallibly, the seat beside me on either side remains forlorn and empty as the room around me swells to capacity — until, that is, another black student walks in.

The student sits beside me, throwing my working theory — that I was somehow emitting strong vibes of weirdo — into disarray. He or she most kindly rescues me from my lonely isolation, taking the seat beside me with a casual nonchalance.

– Taylor Hawes

This has been my experience with almost every class I have ever taken at Penn.

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J Reads: Michelle Obama Rallies Crowd of 3,500 at Wynn Commons

By Evan Medina/The DP

Election Day is finally here, and the Democratic Party made one of its biggest final stands right on Penn’s campus.

At one of the last Democratic rallies this election season, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to a crowd of 3,500 Penn students and community members in the frigid November weather about the stakes of Tuesday’s midterm election.

“This election is about all we have left to do,” Obama said. “So let me ask you — can we do this?”

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